Residential & Commercial Lawn Mowing
A beautiful lawn can make all the difference in the appearance of your home. The regular attention of our lawn team ensures a lush, healthy lawn for you and your family to enjoy. Our lawn mowing service includes mowing your entire yard, weed-eating around all trees, posts and fencing, edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways and clean-up of all trimmings. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service.

We provide comprehensive results for all of your lawn care needs.

  • Weekly / Monthly Maintenance: This service includes a basic mowing, edging and leaf-blow.
  • New Sod Installation: Our expertise in sod installation provides optimal conditions for new lawn growth.
  • Lawn Repair: We provide a variety of tools to improve the health of your lawn, such as thatching, aerating and reseeding.
  • Fertilization / Weed Treatment: Solutions for lawns with week infestations or poor soil conditions.


Over time, lawns become compacted from heavy use. Each time your pets, kids or others walk across or play on the lawn, that foot traffic presses down on the soil, making it harder for the grass roots to take up water and nutrients. This greatly reduces air pockets in your soil. Grass and roots require oxygen to grow and absorb nutrients and water.

When we aerate your lawn, we use a mechanical aerator that pulls out small plugs of soil from the lawn. This creates small air pockets that allow water, fertilizers and nutrients to move to the roots more easily. These air pockets improve the awn’s ability to absorb rain and prevents fertilizers from running off the lawn surface. The soil plugs are left on the lawn because they will eventually break down and work back into the soil.


Over-seeding is the application of seed to depleted turf-grass areas where optimum seedbed preparation or cultivation cannot be accomplished. Over-seeding strengthens and reestablishes turf-grass in small bare areas, increases the density of established turf, and infuses new varieties of different types of grasses into established turf-grass. Yearly over-seeding keeps your lawn thick and lush.


We can carefully and properly move your established plant-life to a new spot of your choosing. Sometimes plants can out grow a certain area or they would thrive more in a new spot and this is when the transplanting option becomes the most feasible.

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