Lawn Fertilization / Weed Control

SE Zanesville applies lawn fertilizer in a way that provides you with a better, healthier lawn. We use top quality lawn fertilizer and lawn care products. Our Lawn Care Program offers what we believe to be the most effective and affordable plan in Southeastern Ohio, providing ongoing Fertilization and Weed Control. Our program is designed specifically for your yard, no matter what conditions and challenges your lawn may offer.

Round 1 – Bionutrients, Crabgrass Control and Post-Emergent Weed Control

SE Zanesville applies a pre-emergent that will control numerous grasses. Broadleaf weed control is added to control young and late winter weeds. A thorough inspection of your lawn will also be conducted to advise on any prior season concerns that need to be addressed. This application will also start to green-up and help strengthen your root systems.

Round 2 – Bionutrients, Fertilizer and Targeted Weed Control

With this mid-year application, your lawn specialist will evaluate the lawn and target the specific requirements. Your lawn may need more post-emergents to control weeds and/or organic fertilizers for a greener color.

Round 3 – Fertilizer, Post-Emergents and Targeted Weed Control

SE Zanesville applies a liquid pre and post-emergent to control early to mid-fall annual weeds and grasses. Organic fertilizer is applied at this point to keep the turf healthy as it prepares to go dormant during the cooler temperatures. This is also the time we will evaluate your need for aeration and/or overseeding.

Round 4 – Nutrients

Prior to your lawn going into dormancy, we apply a final application that will stimulate root growth and help reduce the stress from winter temperatures. This application will also help your lawn green-up earlier in the spring.

Optional Round 5 – Lime

Our lawn experts will evaluate your specific situation to determine if a lime application is necessary. A lime application is applied to balance the PH levels in the soil. All noticeable grassy and broadleaf weeds are also sprayed during this application.

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